09  >> 10 *RAH3* : Loordes of London

29 >> 30 *RAH3* : Pink Jello

From August 15th to September 15th

::::://////// ROCK ATTITUDE HUNT 3 ///////:::::

Hunt Item To Find

And it left for the third session !!!
Having to take away a big success, a 3rd session will take place from August 15th to September 15th, 2013 but on a large scale this time.

For some time, me, Cagalli Tokyoska (old owner of ANCAYI) I sometimes come back on the second life.
So i organize a hunt on the rock attitude theme !
( This hunt is only on invitation !!! Only organizer can to send you an apply )
When ?
August . 15 -  September 15

Join hunt group :
1 month of madness come on !
Where ?